You Can Be a Leader and
Still Have a Life.

Work-Life Wisdom For Professionals in High-Demand Roles

Workshops & Retreats

Lead Well. Sell Well. Live Well. 
Not easy when you're overloaded and overwhelmed.  

Join clients such as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Katten Muchin and Kaleidoscope Group who have experienced our Relationship Driven Leadership, Business Development, and
Work-Life Health training, tips and tools.   

Speaking Engagements

Authentic. High-energy. Inspiring.
Work-Life can be more do-able
and more enjoyable!

Suzanne Baker Brown's powerful storytelling and relevant messaging will leave your group with memorable connection points and immediate, practical, applicable take-aways for investing wisely in leadership and life. 

Programs for Individuals

Assess. Focus. Overcome.
Nothing changes if you don't slow down and take some time for YOU. 

Our online courses, coaching and "Day Away" retreats get to the heart of sustaining your most important relationships and maintaining your work-life health.  We assess on 5 relationship principles, 5 work-life spheres and 12 points of personal sustainability. 

The Priority

We can make work and life about a lot of things - getting the next promotion, hitting our sales goals, winning the political battle, the big client or the Cross Fit competition. Ultimately, life is about relationships - great relationships help us earn our success and more importantly, they make it mean something.  Get our proven tips, tools and wisdom on how to improve work-life fulfillment by making relationships The Priority. 

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The Inspiration

60+ hour work weeks.  Planes, trains and automobiles.  Too many people wanting too many things.  I know you’ve been there.  Striving to get it all done and maintain an Image of perfection in the process.  I lived it.  Eventually, my body broke.  My life was not sustainable.  I’m not alone.  I've observed and listened to countless clients, friends and colleagues in high demand roles.  It’s really hard, but we can’t quit.  We can’t fall out, or burn out or drop out because we are leaders who care and our perspective is needed.   Because the decisions and direction of today’s leaders will manifest in tomorrow’s quality of life for us all. Because our families depend on us and the bottom line of our business depends on us.  We have to find our highest and best purpose and keep leading and investing.  We can’t do that if our life style is not sustainable.  We have to invest more wisely.  (I’m not talking about money.)  My body breaking was a gift in disguise because I had a radical revelation -- a new investment strategy for leadership and life that works.  For the last 17 years, I’ve been passing on what I’ve learned, developing simple tools, and garnering wisdom from others who invest well. Reach out if you are interested in a conversation.  You’ll find me in the hammock doing a little strategic thinking.   


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Interested in changing your own investment strategy? Or helping the leaders in your firm invest more wisely? We'd love to talk and see how we can help.


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